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  • Hip Arthroscopy

    Hip arthroscopy is a specialized technique for the care of cartilage or labral tears in the hip. It is also used to treat deformities related to damages to preserve the hip joint. The procedure requires general anesthesia and takes about 2 hours.

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  • Total Hip Replacement

    Hip replacement surgery is the care for the arthritic or post-traumatic conditions that cannot be treated with conservative techniques.

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  • Direct Anterior Hip Replacement

    This newer, more advanced technique, is performed on the appropriate patients. This technique is approximately 60% of the hip replacement surgeries in my practice. Anesthesia can be by spinal or general anesthesia.

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  • Radlink Assisted Hip Replacement

    Radlink is a state-of-the-art portable digital radiography processing system employed for the accurate placement of a hip implant during total hip arthroplasty.

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  • Complex Hip Revision Surgery

    Revision hip surgery is a repeat hip surgery performed in certain patients to correct the problems or complications of previous hip surgery and overcome its limitations.

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  • Posterior Hip Replacement

    Posterior hip replacement is a minimally invasive surgical procedure in which the worn out or damaged surfaces of the hip joint are removed and replaced with artificial joint components made of metal, ceramic, or plastic.

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  • Revision Hip Replacement

    Revision hip replacement is a complex surgical procedure in which all or part of a previously implanted hip joint is replaced with a new artificial hip joint.

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  • Robotic Anterior Total Hip Arthroplasty

    Robotic anterior total hip arthroplasty is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that involves the use of a specialized robotic system to remove the damaged parts of a hip joint and replace them with an artificial prosthesis or implant from an anterior approach rather than a traditional total hip arthroplasty approach.

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  • Hip Labral Repair

    Labrum is a ring of strong fibrocartilaginous tissue lining around the socket of the hip joint. Labrum serves many functions where it acts as a shock absorber, lubricates the joint, and distributes the pressure equally.

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  • Femoroacetabular Osteoplasty

    Femoroacetabular osteoplasty is the surgical reshaping of the protruding bony surface of the femur or acetabulum of the hip joint. FAO is performed arthroscopically as a minimally invasive procedure.

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  • Non-Surgical Hip Treatments

    The hip is a ball-and-socket joint that connects the thigh bone to the pelvic bone. As a major weight-bearing joint with a wide range of motion, the hip is susceptible to various kinds of injuries.

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  • Ultrasound Guided Hip Injections

    An ultrasound scan is an imaging procedure that uses high-frequency sound waves to produce pictures of the inside of the body. Ultrasound-guided hip joint injections are used to diagnose the underlying cause and relieve hip pain.

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  • Trochanteric Bursa Injections

    A trochanteric bursa injection is a minimally invasive procedure in which medicine is injected directly into the trochanteric bursa in the hip joint using a thin needle and syringe to relieve pain and inflammation.

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  • Stem Cell Therapy for Hip Injuries

    Stem cell therapy is a form of regenerative medicine that utilizes the body’s natural healing mechanism to treat various conditions.

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  • Activities After Hip Replacement

    Hip replacement is a surgery performed to replace parts of a diseased hip joint with a prosthesis. The goal of hip replacement is to eliminate pain and enable you to return to your normal activities.

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  • Hip Implants

    Hip implants are artificial devices that form the essential parts of the hip joint in a hip replacement surgery. The hip implants vary by size, shape, and material. Various components of a hip implant may be used for a hip replacement surgery.

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  • Physical Examination of the Hip

    The hip joint is a ball and socket joint. The ball is the head of the femur (thighbone) that fits in the acetabulum (the hip socket). Tendons, muscles, and ligaments hold the joint in place.

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